Schedule Your Q4 2014 Axure Training Now!

Posted By Debbie on October 14, 2014

Holy cats, we’re already 2 weeks into Q4! The year is almost over. Where did the time go.

With holidays blocking out lots of my time in the coming months, if you are looking to schedule Axure training with me for Q4, let’s get on that NOW (please).

If you are looking for remote training via GoToMeeting for just one person, you can schedule that through my online booking system.

If you are looking for on-site training, especially including travel outside the San Francisco area, open days are running out. And to make sure that I can move heaven and earth to accommodate the travel and training days, I need to book at least 3 weeks in advance.

If you’re ready to schedule for 2015, it’s never too early. I’m a plan ahead type of gal. Better to grab that time now while it’s rather flexible.

Or just get in touch if you’d like a proposal.