We work with startups, agencies, and companies of any size and location.

We’re available for short-term projects, long-term projects, and periodic or ongoing UX consulting.

Ptype offers UX consulting, interaction and product design, and Axure prototyping.

Our approach is to follow as much of a traditional user-centered design process as your requirements, time, and budget allow.

We have in-house project management. We work efficiently and seamlessly with your staff, outsourced teams, or other agency.

Agile, Waterfall, or Other

Whether your environment is Agile, Waterfall, somewhere in between, or something else, we’re right there with you. Your style will be our style.

We’ve also worked in “avalanche,” which is a short-deadline, high-panic environment.

Product and Service Execution Matter

All the stock photos of hipsters, happy families, ethnically ambiguous coworkers, and beautiful places won’t help a product or service that doesn’t delight users.

We are the psychology, empathy, and scientific side of design, catering to user’s natural tendencies while being informed by solid UX research.

We are your creative problem finding and solving UX agency.

UX Strategy and Innovation

UX Strategy and Research

The game plan and early work that non-UX agencies often leave out.

Product Concept and Design

Easy-to-learn layouts, processes, and experiences.

Creative Problem Solving

Seemingly simple issues can become complex monsters.
We defeat The Four Horsemen of Bad UX.

UX Design and Optimization

UX Optimization

Audit and analysis of what you already have.

Information Architecture

Organization, navigation, structure, and search.
Putting content into context.

Interaction Design

Strategic design thinking put into action.

User Centered Design

Usability, empathy, and accessibility at our core.

Axure Prototyping For a Variety of Purposes


Design efficiently by using a realistic, interactive mockup.

User Testing

Bringing designs, comps, ideas, and sketches to life.


Show the boss’s boss what this will be.


Concrete reference for artists and developers.

Axure Training

Ptype is one of the few trainers on the planet recommended by Axure.

Live At Your Location

We travel to you.

Live and Remotely

Private training via online collaboration systems.

Live at Public Workshops

Come to our public classes or join in remotely.

Video Courses

Learn at your own pace.

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