UX Services

We work with startups, agencies, and companies of any size and location.

Ptype offers UX consulting, interaction and product design, service design, and Axure prototyping.

We’re available for short-term projects, long-term projects, and periodic or ongoing UX consulting.

Our approach is to follow as much of a traditional user-centered design process as your requirements, time, and budget allow.

We have in-house project management. We work efficiently and seamlessly with your staff, outsourced teams, or other agency.

Product and Service Execution Matter

All the stock photos of hipsters, happy families, ethnically ambiguous coworkers, and beautiful places won’t help a product or service that doesn’t delight users.

We are the psychology, empathy, and scientific side of design, catering to user’s natural tendencies while being informed by solid UX research.

We are your creative problem finding and solving UX agency.

Metrics, Data, and User Feedback

Metrics, data, and real user feedback help us know we’re on the right track. Let’s start with some baseline data, how your product or service is performing now. Hopefully you know!

We can install tools in websites and apps to track what customers do. Where do we tend to lose people? Are they leaving because they accomplished their task or didn’t? What is their mood and can we get in the moment feedback? How far down pages do people scroll before giving up?

Building a bridge between you and your customers means asking the right questions, listening to the answers, watching the metrics, and looking for opportunities to continue improving.

Outside of Training, Our UX Services Focus on…

UX Strategy, Innovation, Design, and Optimization

Product and experience design for digital interfaces including websites and apps.

Service Design

Service design focusing on processes, motivation, employee experience, and customer delight.

Axure Prototyping

Axure prototyping for brainstorming, iteration, user testing, impressing investors, and more.