Service Design

Service Design through User-Centered Design (UCD)

For Service Design, we follow as much of the User-Centered Design process as is relevant. Depending upon your existing or new service, our work may be more about strategies, ideas, processes, and communication rather than wireframing.

Service Design builds bridges between your staff and your customers as well as bridges between your staff. Some companies believe that in service design, improvement to the internal operations is primary and the improvements for the customer are secondary or side-effects of the internal work we do.

Ptype believes that introducing and improving services should focus on employees as well as customers. Without happy, returning customers, your service falls apart. Without happy employees following clear and easy processes, making better choices, and having a deep devotion to the customer experience, your service can also fall apart.

Full service means that we do everything from research to strategy, design, implementation, and training your staff. We will cover everything you need to launch a new service business, introduce a new service to an existing business, improve what your company offers, and transform how your company functions internally.

Service Design is for Businesses of All Sizes.

We can help any business improve and refine services. Better target customers, better solve their problems. Smaller businesses and sole proprietors can benefit from professional service design, especially if you are facing challenges.

  • Medical and professional offices.
  • Consultants and trainers.
  • Creative and tech businesses.
  • Event planning, organizing, and related services.
  • Business supply companies.
  • Home, family, and pet care businesses.
  • Entertainment services.

We’re Heavily Influenced by WDPAR.

As soon as anybody starts talking about customer service, customer experience, or attention to the smallest details, someone will typically think of or mention WDPAR. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

They are such beacons of excellent service that they run their own training and consulting institute helping other companies. Not everybody can afford consulting from Disney… we like to imagine we are the next best thing. If you have taken one or more Disney Institute workshops and need help designing, implementing, or following through (and don’t want to pay Disney), you have discovered your new service design consultants.

Connecting UX and service design expertise with Disney principles and practices.

UX design thinking is about problem solving.

You have to find the right problems to solve for the right audiences. Iterating on ideas, keeping the user in mind and heart, and testing help us land on the best execution of the best solution.

Come to us with your business and customer issues. We’ll design solutions. Refine, iterate.

User-Centered Design (UCD) is a formalized process. Not every project has time or budget to conduct all of the tasks. Sometimes we have to cut this short. But where we can, we prefer to walk through every step of UCD.

If UCD is new to you, please explore the steps, tasks, deliverables, and why we go through each part of the process.

Explore the User-Centered Design Process

User Research, Audits, & Analyses

Content & Media Strategy

Information Architecture

Interaction Design & Prototyping

User Testing & Validation

Visual Design & Documentation