Hey, Startups

Ptype is your UX partner.

We spent years in the Bay Area of northern California. We know startups. We’ve had startups. We mentor startups. We work without minimums or commitments. You pay only for the time you need as you need it.

Many startups and growing companies don’t have UX teams yet. The founders do the UX. The product gal does it. The design intern takes a shot at it. The developers are sure they’re great at laying out interfaces.

How to know if your startup really solves a problem? Solves it in a way customers will love? Do we need to pivot? Don’t be another startup statistic. Get pro UX on your side early.

Long story short, you might not have any UX professionals on board. You might not be ready to hire for UX. You might not know good from bad UX practitioners. You might have no idea what to budget.

Don’t worry. You’ve discovered your UX partner. From brainstorming to product design to prototyping to impress potential investors to all the user-centered design tasks, we’re here for you.

Startups need UX work and prototypes

We’re most often hired for:

strategy and research

UX Strategy and Research

  • UX Optimization report on the current product.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • User research and personas remind us we're not designing for "everybody."
information architecture

Information Architecture

  • Organizing content, site structure, hierarchy.
product design

Product Design

  • The execution of an idea can make or break that idea.
  • User-centered design methodologies.
  • Innovating features and the experience.

Prototyping and Testing

  • We hear wireframes are dead. Prototypes bring designs to life.
  • More efficient design process.
  • Realistic experience for user testing.

We have extensive experience with websites, mobile responsive websites, and mobile apps for Android and iOS

We specialize in all aspects of the user-centered design process. This means you can turn to us for as much or as little as you need.

  • Auditing your current product or experience from a UX perspective.
  • Analyzing what competitors are doing well or poorly.
  • User research and interviews.
  • Defining your target audiences with personas.
  • Content inventory and analysis.
  • Structure, hierarchy, and taxonomy.
  • Brainstorming ideas, solutions, and features.
  • Clickable interactive prototypes for product design, redesign, or just to show off to potential inventors.
  • User testing.
  • Visual design.

Discount for new startup clients

Startups with less than $2M in funding/investment will get their first 50 Ptype hours at a discount.

We’re in your budget. Our average startup client spends less than $3,000 with us.

No minimums. Need 3 hours of work? We’ll sell you 3 hours of work.

Proposals are free and without obligation.

We have mentored at:

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