Mentoring and Coaching for UX Juniors

Debbie is on your side.

Ptype CEO Debbie Levitt has mentored many UX juniors in the last 10 years. After moving to the San Francisco area in 2010, Debbie had to rebuild her career, eventually working up to senior, principal, and director level titles.

Debbie’s mentoring and coaching are great for anybody transitioning into UX or in a lower-level UX job… but especially helpful for people working at companies where mentoring is not available.

If your current job doesn’t help with UX soft skills, improving your designs, or truly supporting you, that’s where you need a coach who will.

Start with a free call to talk to Debbie and see if she’s a good match for your needs. Then you can book sessions as you need them on any topic.

Get 5 hours for the price of 4
or 10 hours for the price of 8.
First session free with code MENTOR.

Debbie can coach you on topics including:

  • UX design and UCD – Learn more about UX concepts, approaches, and processes.
  • Work review – Debbie can review your concepts or designs before your client, boss, or teammates.
  • Strengths and weaknesses – Learn more about your blind spots, areas to focus on, and some self-awareness on how others might see you.
  • Artifacts and communication – Debbie can help you build better artifacts and communicate your ideas to teammates, managers, stakeholders, and clients. Personas, journey maps, competitive analyses, audits, sitemaps, process flow charts, wireframes, and more.
  • Presentation skills – Presenting and speaking can be nerve wracking. Practice with Debbie. Learn how to create more compelling presentations and arguments.
  • Dealing with conflict – Conflicts at work? Do you have difficult co-workers? Let’s talk about it and decide on strategies for improving the situation.
  • Time management – Need help balancing things? Estimating time? Staying focused? Debbie can help.
  • Job searches – Resume and portfolio review. Preparing for interview questions. Deciding between job offers.
  • Job types – Freelance vs contract vs part time vs full time.
  • Getting paid – What should you charge? What salary should you request?
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs – Freelancers are often working alone and often from home or coffee shops. You have the least support and the most questions (in addition to all of these other questions). Let’s put great systems and processes in place to make sure your projects run smoothly.
  • Transitioning into UX – Is UX a good career move for you? Which area might be a great fit? How do you do this? Do you need to go to school?
  • Software – Debbie is best at Axure! If you want to learn more Axure, Debbie is one of the few Axure-recommended trainers on the planet. Axure can be great on your resume… when you’re telling the truth about your abilities.

Think of Debbie as your timeshare UX leader.

Smaller companies often hire junior and mid-level UX practitioners but don’t offer them the support of a larger UX department. Sometimes they are the sole UX practitioner in the organization. Sometimes they are a non-UX role trying to transition into UX work.

If you ask most of these people, they wish they had someone much senior they could get help from and partner with. Without leaders, managers, or higher-level experts on staff, who is helping your newer UX practitioners strengthen their craft?

Your company probably can’t afford to hire a UX leader but you can bring Debbie in as your “timeshare” UX leader. With appointments as short as 30 minutes, Debbie is available to her coaching clients even outside of business hours.

No commitment is necessary. Book time as you need it or sign up for a subscription.

How does this work?

Time Commitment

As you need, as often as you need, or on a recurring schedule. It’s up to you!

We suggest a one-hour call weekly. We can review work, dive into elements of your job search, monitor progress on your goals, or anything that’s relevant to your current needs.

We offer a monthly subscription: 5 hours for the price of 4 each month or 10 hours for the price of 8 each month. Book any open time in our calendar.

Weekend Availability

Sometimes your weekdays are packed. Or you are having a weekend panic moment. Our UX mentees will have access to special weekend hours at no extra cost.

Setting Goals

While we can certainly work in the moment on, “OMG I need help with this right now,” we should also work to set goals. These might be smaller goals relating to your current job or larger career goals.

Video Calls

Debbie is a digital nomad so it’s hard to pin her down for an in-person meeting. But she’s been mentoring people over video calls for many years.


Mentoring is billed at $100 USD or € 100 EUR per hour in half hour increments. Need a half hour? Book a half hour. Pay for a half hour.

Start with a free consultation to make sure we’re a great match.