Content and Media Strategy

Understanding your copy and media set the UX process up for success.

In addition to determining the “voice” of the company or product, a copy writer can write every word on the site in that voice. What you say to customers and how you say it are an important part of the user experience.

Placeholder content (text, videos, images, etc…) is plan B. Finalized or even draft content is plan A. We understand that not every client has their content ready to go.

Even temporary, placeholder content needs the right amount of space planned for it on pages and screens. How long should paragraphs be? Where will media be placed? What copy and media will this project require? The amount of content might also influence how many screens or steps a process needs.

That’s why content requires strategy. A great example of content without strategy is FAQs; let’s take a bunch of unrelated factoids and instructions and put it on a long page that nobody wants to read.

We have business, marketing, and technical writers on staff, or we can utilize your copy writers and editors.

How We Use Lorem Ipsum for Placeholder Text

Most people see a paragraph of Lorem Ipsum and think that later on, they can put as much text as they want there.

Not at Ptype. We use Lorem Ipsum to show exactly how much text we suggest in any particular location. The amount of Lorem Ipsum you see is the amount your or our writer should craft.

To help you during the Interaction Design and Prototyping steps, we start the Lorem Ipsum with the intention of what we suggest for that headline, paragraph, caption, or other text block.

For example:

Paragraph about how clients who are OK with humor in their UX deliverables might enjoy Hipster Ipsum. Lorem ipsum dolor amet godard sed exercitation minim. Kitsch cred banh mi fanny pack. Meggings sunt williamsburg, pickled vice pinterest culpa four dollar toast vaporware. Distillery bicycle rights qui actually craft beer paleo authentic forage, single-origin coffee esse officia heirloom sed. Next level organic celiac nulla. Meh disrupt austin, pug PBR&B selfies bicycle rights semiotics thundercats tbh.

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