UX Optimization Report

Your current or work-in-progress project needs a set of UX eyes.

You need outside feedback, advice, and suggestions. It might be a second opinion, or maybe you have no real UX staff.

Perhaps you are having trouble getting users to sign up, convert, buy, or engage. These are often UX problems, which can be hard for people in other departments to notice.

Our contract includes a mutual NDA. Your secrets are always safe with us.

Ptype’s UX Optimization report includes:

  • A preliminary conversation to discuss what your product, service, or process flow is, and what concerns you might have about it. We would also like to learn more about your target audience(s).
  • We use your site or product like your users would. We walk through the process(es) you’re concerned about. We consider the usability, content, layout, steps, and features for your target audience(s).
  • We take Nielsen’s heuristics and accessibility into consideration.
  • We take screen shots and make commentary in a Word document. The report is written in layman’s terms and includes specific examples from your website, app, or product as well as where it’s going right and where it might be going wrong.
  • We include the severity of the problem, which helps you prioritize fixes or changes to your experience.
  • We look at how you can better optimize what’s important to you and your users… processes, leads, sign-ups, conversions, ease of search and discovery, accomplishing tasks.
  • We can have a follow-up call or emails to discuss our report.

Further consulting and actual UX work for your project are available at an extra cost. We are always happy to generate a free, no-obligation proposal for additional work.

Debbie is fast, precise and brilliant. She provided great ideas on usability improvements to our website and software. Turnaround was superfast and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Startup client who received a UX Optimization report for a %22make your computer faster%22 product

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