UX Optimization Report

Our UX Optimization Report is an audit of your existing product, service, app, etc…

We do these early in the UCD process when requirements, concepts, and scope are being discussed. That way, we can become familiar with what you already have.

It also makes a great stand-alone service. We can create your UX Optimization Report as part of our UCD process or you can just purchase a report any time.

Our UX Optimization Report service starts with a phone call to get to know your target audience(s) and what existing product or service you want us to review. Our free report will focus on a few key customer workflows on one device type. Additional workflows or devices may be added for an additional charge.

Ptype’s UX Optimization report includes:

  • A preliminary conversation to discuss what your product, service, or process flow is, and what concerns you might have about it. We would also like to learn more about your target audience(s).
  • We use your site or product like your users would. We walk through the process(es) you’re concerned about. We consider the usability, content, layout, steps, and features for your target audience(s).
  • We take Nielsen’s heuristics into consideration.
  • We review for Accessibility, taking users with vision and mobility issues into account. We have a larger, more complete Accessibility report, available as an add-on or stand-alone purchase.
  • We take screen shots and make commentary in a Word document. The report is written in layman’s terms and includes specific examples from your website, app, or product as well as where it’s going right and where it might be going wrong.
  • We include the severity of the problem, which helps you prioritize fixes or changes to your experience.
  • We look at how you can better optimize what’s important to you and your users… processes, leads, sign-ups, conversions, ease of search and discovery, accomplishing tasks.
  • We can have a follow-up call or emails to discuss our report.

Sample screens from a Competitive Analysis report, which has the same format as our Optimization Report. Reports are written in plain, conversational language.

Some of the specifics we examine include:

  • Navigation – Can people find what they are looking for? Is moving around the site or app obvious?
  • Value Proposition – Are what you offer and why you are so fantastic clear and compelling?
  • Registration – Is signing up a short and clear process? How do you onboard new users?
  • Mobile – Is your desktop website mobile friendly or responsive? Or a disaster for people visiting from phones, tablets, or other mobile devices?
  • Accessibility – Did you receive a complaint that your site was not ADA compliant? We use the Section 508 Checklist to fully check your site for ADA Compliance and best practices in making websites Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust for all users. It’s best to get the full Accessibility report add-on if this is a concern, as it should be!
  • Copywriting – Is your copy written well for your audience? Or did someone write for SEO or over the audience’s heads?
  • Calls to Action (CTAs) – Does every page have a clear and compelling primary (and potentially secondary) CTA? Do users known how to do what they want or need to do on each page?

Further consulting and actual UX work for your project are available at an extra cost. We are always happy to generate a free, no-obligation proposal for additional work.

Always be open to evolution and improvement.

“But my web designer is great!” or “I love my website and don’t need feedback.” Or my all-time fave, “The boss thinks our app is great so we don’t need any help.”

UX specialists often look at things differently than web designers, artists, programmers, marketing experts, etc… We use empathy, psychology, and other tools and magic to really put ourselves in the shoes and mindset of your customer. This means you may hear things from us that nobody told you or thought of.

You wanna talk about “user experience”? We just had a great one! This week we had a quick call with Debbie Levitt of Ptype, where we discussed our website (which we spent a lot of time building last summer). We knew there were problems, based on customer feedback, but were really at a loss as to where to start.

This morning we received an amazing, focused, action-oriented report which details some common-sense changes we can make to improve the site for our customers.

If you even WONDER whether your website could POSSIBLY be improved, please connect with Debbie and be prepared to hear some TRUTH.

Client with a beauty industry wholesale website

[This report] was clear and concise, allowing me to get the information I needed quickly to act on the recommendations. When we do things ourselves like a website, we often cannot look at it objectively. Ptype comes in and evaluates the digital property providing the much-needed fresh eye. The recommendations given are very actionable. It is a worthwhile investment for any entrepreneur.

Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR, Mind The Gap Public Relations, LLC.

Debbie is fast, precise and brilliant. She provided great ideas on usability improvements to our website and software. Turnaround was superfast and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Startup client who received a UX Optimization report for a "make your computer faster" product

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