2-Week Website Tune Up

Our 2-Week Website Tune Up is a report based on us watching real visitors use your website.

Nothing replaces learning from your users. We can set up a system that will record website visitors including mouse movements and clicks. Sound and facial video are not recorded. The customer is kept completely anonymous; we only know their location by country.

It also makes a great stand-alone service. We can create your 2-Week Website Tune Up as part of our UCD process or you can just purchase a report any time.

We know you’ll fall in love with your first report and want to get future reports on a recurring schedule. When purchasing, click the link for “subscriptions” to get a fresh report every 3 or 6 months.

Watching real users teaches us a lot about what is going well or poorly on your website.

You need outside feedback, advice, and suggestions. Perhaps you are having trouble getting users to sign up, convert, buy, or engage.

You will receive our report within 3 weeks of the tracking code being correctly installed on your website.

Our contract includes a mutual NDA. Your secrets are always safe with us.

Ptype’s 2-Week Website Tune Up includes:

  • A preliminary conversation to discuss what your product, service, or process flow is, and what concerns you might have about it. We would also like to learn more about your target audience(s).
  • We will work with you to set up a tracking script on your site. This can be removed after our report is finished.
  • We take screen shots and make commentary in a Word document. The report is written in layman’s terms and includes specific examples from your website, app, or product as well as where it’s going right and where it might be going wrong.
  • Where in your funnel are people abandoning and can we figure out why?
  • Are forms too long for people to bother filling out?
  • We will include links to videos of website visits so you can see what we saw.
  • We look at how you can better optimize what’s important to you and your users… processes, leads, sign-ups, conversions, ease of search and discovery, accomplishing tasks.
  • We can have a follow-up call or emails to discuss our report.

Always be open to evolution and improvement.

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