SFO WiFi Comes At A Price

Posted By Debbie on August 30, 2011

I typically have my Sprint Overdrive (personal WiFi hotspot) on me, and I use it at SFO. San Francisco International Airport claims to offer free WiFi, so why use my MyFi? Normally, once you log into “free” WiFi, you are asked to agree to terms of service, and then you move right along. Here is the page I was shown when I went to start using that WiFi (click to enlarge).

What are my choices on this page? Evidently, take a survey (and possibly win a gift card!!!!!!), or… nothing. If I did take the survey, I then get 45 minutes of WiFi before I’m kicked off. Thanks but no thanks.

Really? In the tech centre of the world, we can’t just welcome people to our airport, and GIVE them WiFi like just about every other airport? We have to make them sit, roll over, and do some tricks first?