Startup Question: How Likely is Google to Build What You’re Building?

Posted By Debbie on June 29, 2018

I met some startups recently at an event. And it made me wonder: how close might Google be to releasing something just like what this person is doing?

One guy was trying to make an app for his city’s mass transit service. It was outside of America and (I guess) something Google hasn’t put into their Maps system yet.

How long will it take him to build this? And what happens when a team at Google, very experienced in getting mass transit systems into their world, adds his city? His whole idea is basically toast and nobody will need his app.

Recently, some blogs were writing about virtual assistant companies that claim to do things using AI. With Google’s Duplex being showcased and aggressively worked on, what will you need a non-Google company to AI Assistant for you? Google is likely to have a better incarnation than an outside company, even a company using various APIs.

So another question for startups: how likely is Google to get into your space? Do they do something similar or close now? Sure, we can’t predict where Google will go next or who they will buy. Startups could be surprised. But startups should be considering if what they’re doing is on the periphery of where Google might go.