Survey Over, We’re Not Demographically Interested In You

Posted By Debbie on February 27, 2018

I’m a big Walt Disney World fan. I’ve gone at least 20 times. I have an annual pass and I bought into their timeshare system.

I was recently there so they were sending me surveys. The first question was where do you live.

I recently moved far away from Disney World so I put where I live. The survey immediately ended.

Are you sure you are not interested in my opinion?

Before Disney found out anything else about me, they were no longer interested in my answers because of my new location. I spoke with a marketing person and she suggested that I must not have matched the demographics they were looking for.

Is Disney looking to survey someone who visits on average every other year, who is a time share owner, and who buys annual passes? Who eats at their best restaurants and usually buys lots of souvenirs? That’s the bucket I SHOULD be in.

Disney may know that people who live where I now live don’t visit Disney that much.

Sure. That’s possible. But are you sure you don’t want my opinions? Is the best bucket for me and my habits the “people who live [here]” bucket? What if I moved way over here but still plan to visit WDW roughly every other year?

Living in Tucson, AZ meant high flight prices and lots of airplane changes. The flights from where I live now are only SLIGHTLY higher than flights from Tucson. So it costs me roughly the same to visit Disney… just more time in the air.

And I just bought a flight to go to a 1-day business event in NY. If I will fly to NY for that, you can be sure I’ll still be going to Disney World.


When you are dumping your customers into demographic buckets, consider that not everything is location. Not everything is age. Buckets shouldn’t boil down to one thing since that one thing could be a false friend. I could be a great WDW customer (and one with lots of helpful ideas) but now you didn’t get any of the 3 surveys you emailed me because you don’t like where I’m living.

That’s OK, Disney. I forgive you and will be back in 2021 when all the new things you’re building now are ready… I’m going to wait a little longer to catch them all.