Swiftkey X Says I’m A Beautiful Person

Posted By Debbie on October 4, 2011

I’m a fiercely loyal user of SlideIt on my Android phone and tablet. You had better have a really amazing keyboard to get me away from the wonderful SlideIt. I’m wildly fast at the swipe-style typing, and I love the shortcuts, which are like macros.

Then, Swiftkey X came along. It claims to read things you’ve typed before, figure out your style, and predict what you’re going to say before you say it. Psychic! Sure, let’s try that.

As you type, Swiftkey X shows 3 words it thinks you mean. The middle word is bold and green since that’s the one it REALLY thinks you mean. So I decided to run an experiment. I installed it. It combed through things I’ve written. And then I just kept clicking on the middle word to see what it think I’d be typing.

Before I show this to you, let me defensively say that I’ve never typed ANYTHING remotely like this. More after the quote.

    I am a beautiful person. The creator of the most popular and the other hand, the first time, and the high street shops.

I have NEVER told anybody I’m a beautiful person. I live in the USA. I don’t say “high street shops.” I decided to try to fool it. In the middle of the sentence about “the most popular,” I chose the word “will” instead of “and.” This is what it ended up typing:

    I am a beautiful person. The creator of the most popular will be able to do that. I just wanted to say that the information you need to be a good idea to advertise your company slogan.

Hmmm. I know I’ve never said that. I DO know that I say, “I just wanted to say,” a lot. The rest is wackadoo wackiness.

I don’t see how this would help me type faster. I say lots of different things, not just the most popular in the high street shops. I appreciate that Swiftkey X wants to help me with a daily affirmation about how beautiful I am! That’s lovely.

But I reactivated SlideIt. I just can’t see changing, and I can’t see losing my speedy swipe-style of typing for what seems like brain mad-libs.