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We’ve been running Twitter ads. Interestingly, they seem to do the best out of all the ads. We’re able to target them well, we have a specific message, and we’re happy with the number of clicks and engagements. This sounds like success. But something interesting about human behavior has popped up. People unhappy about having […]

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Lately, I noticed a lot of ads for a company called Channel Advisor popping up on nearly every website I visit. In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I know who Channel Advisor is. I became aware of them in 2001. I’m not a fan. Many of my eBay consulting clients are […]

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I’ve X’ed out a lot of Facebook ads in my time, but THIS is new: Before you’re asked WHY you are killing the ad, you now have the option to block just this ad, or ALL ads leading to that domain. As an advertiser, this is an “oh well,” but anybody not interested in my […]

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