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Have you seen the “Blah Blah Blah” commercial for the HTC One (M8) phone? Gary Oldman says blah a lot. He says it doesn’t matter what he says. He’s right. And then he says that this phone is designed for people who form their own opinions. Ooooooo Bold. A phone just for critical thinkers! “Go […]

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Free Sample!

06 January 2014

Categories: Business

Tags: advertising, free, sample, tv

There are two commercials I’ve seen a lot lately. Both offer “free samples” of their products. One commercial is for catheters. I guess I watch TV targeted at the catheter user. These commercials act like they have a new style catheter you will like much more, so call now for your free sample. But read […]

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Categories: Marketing

Tags: advertising, mcdonalds

I never understand why companies do this. Why do they run ads where the main characters are liars or bullshit artists? Is that who they think goes to McDonalds? One recent commercial has a guy on a park bench eating McDonalds. A nice-looking woman sits down next to him, and comments on the art in […]

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Milk. They’ve turned into psycho bullies. First, they got aggressive. Now they’re just insane. When I think about how I’d advertise milk, I think I’d not advertise it. If you want milk, you are going to buy it. It’s not like I WANTED milk but I got confused in my grocer’s dairy fridge and accidentally […]

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