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When Anaesthesia Isn’t Anaesthesia

Posted By on Feb 20, 2012

I have a rotten tooth that has to be removed. After some bad childhood experiences with dentists and oral surgeons, I absolutely insist that any procedure include general anaesthesia. I’ve been looking into places that’ll do that, and I learned something I found very uncool.

Sedation dentistry and “deep sedation” are not what I thought, and maybe not what you thought. It was explained to me that you get shot up with propofol and a few other things, but you might be responsive. They might ask you a question during the procedure and you might respond. They told me I’d feel a pinprick.

Well, then won’t I be aware of the whole procedure? And doesn’t that defeat the purpose of getting general anaesthesia?

A friend told me he had that for the removal of his wisdom teeth. He said he has no memory of the procedure, but he was told later that he was “awake” and “talking” through it. Wellll, I know that given my insanely good memory, I’m pretty sure I would remember bits or all of it… and that’s why I want to be completely out. Not aware or talking or able to feel stuff. Completely out.

To me, deep sedation sounds like what you hear on Dateline reports when someone goes in for surgery, they’re not really put all the way under, and can feel what’s going on or have an awareness. Always a horror story (perfect for Dateline). Why would I want to sign up for that!!! I can’t IMAGINE what I would be thinking or feeling while half-sedated and experiencing oral surgery!

Don’t want to know.

So evidently, I have to find someone who has a real anaesthesiologist on staff (or who they borrow). Evidently, you don’t need to be an anaesthesiologist to inject people with a bunch of stuff and put them half out! That sounds messed up too. But that’s what I need to look for. It evidently costs more, but there is NO WAY I want to be at all awake or have any awareness of the removal of my awful, rotting tooth.

Buyer beware!

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