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The disinformation agents, propaganda creators, and PR spinners are out. Are you sharing what they created? Here’s one I saw on LinkedIn. This infographic came from an article where journalist Tom Gara dug into everything Google knew about him. Disclaimer: I didn’t read the article. I’m reacting to seeing this isolated infographic going around LinkedIn. […]

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Cartographer Mike Dobson said it best when he recently wrote, “You cannot read about the errors in Apple Maps without realizing that these maps were being visually examined and used for the first time by Apple’s customers and not by Apple’s QC teams.” By now, you may have heard all the fuss about the maps […]

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On Steve Jobs’ Passing

06 October 2011

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In 1979, I was put in a computer class to learn BASIC on a Commodore Pet. I was 7 years old. In 1985, my parents bought our first home computer, the Apple II+. Wow, we thought it was amazing. You could barely get me away from that thing. One day, it was upgraded to the […]

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