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A client recently connected me with his marketing person, hoping we’d work together directly. I had a number of questions for her. She seemed to be offended by the questions and rather than answer them, she sent a bunch of emails trying to throw me under the bus. Before we even worked together. Classy! I […]

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I recently spoke to a potential consulting client. He asked for my rate. I gave him the number. He made it sound like that was OK. After our GoToMeeting ended and I said bye, he and his team mates were still talking, not realising they hadn’t ended the meeting. They said they thought my rate […]

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Hello From My New Gig!

08 October 2012

Friday was my last day at Wells Fargo. Bittersweet! I will miss that team for sure. I only met great and talented people with super personalities. I will miss those guys and gals! But today is a new adventure, and it’s really exciting. I’m the new UX Strategist at Comrade Agency. I’ll be doing what […]

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