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Dead End On Elance

Posted By on Jul 5, 2013

I got an email from Elance. It had a link. I clicked it. This is the page I got.


A few things struck me about this page.

  1. I couldn’t go back. I had clicked on a link in an email!
  2. Their logo wasn’t linked. I truly couldn’t go anywhere other than Contact Us or Help.
  3. It looks like they were expecting me to be logged in to my account to access something they had emailed me about. OK. Then instead of giving me this, drive me to a login page if I’m not logged in.
  4. Not so sure about the English.

It’s a Dead End. Fix it! Gosh, even a 404 page could have a login interface on it so that I keep going SOMEWHERE.

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SFO WiFi Comes At A Price

Posted By on Aug 30, 2011

I typically have my Sprint Overdrive (personal WiFi hotspot) on me, and I use it at SFO. San Francisco International Airport claims to offer free WiFi, so why use my MyFi? Normally, once you log into “free” WiFi, you are asked to agree to terms of service, and then you move right along. Here is the page I was shown when I went to start using that WiFi (click to enlarge).

What are my choices on this page? Evidently, take a survey (and possibly win a gift card!!!!!!), or… nothing. If I did take the survey, I then get 45 minutes of WiFi before I’m kicked off. Thanks but no thanks.

Really? In the tech centre of the world, we can’t just welcome people to our airport, and GIVE them WiFi like just about every other airport? We have to make them sit, roll over, and do some tricks first?

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Website Dead End, On Purpose

Posted By on Aug 29, 2011

I found an interesting website dead end, and I think it’s on purpose. Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted that she was going to go have a McFlurry. That sounded pretty gross to me, so I Googled to see if I can find the nutrition info and ingredients in a McFlurry. I found it. Here is a shrunken screen capture of that page (click to enlarge).

What did I think was so interesting about this? The top has no navigation. My next move was to try to get back to a general nutrition page to possibly look up other foods. I don’t eat at McDonald’s. Ever. But I thought if I could find something truly terrible, I could joke with my Facebook friend. But there was no way to get back to any nutrition section from this page. Just the McDonalds home page.

I guess if I were McDonalds, I would NOT want people easily getting to the nutrition section. When I DID finally find that, the page seemed to focus WAY more on “delicious” than “this is possibly good for you.” In fact, the page seems more like a series of apologies about how they’re TRYING to make things slightly healthier.

I remember when McD’s ran commercials saying their burgers were “100% beefy.” BEEFY? Like beef-esque? I also remember when they were proud to say Chicken McNuggets were now made “with white meat.” WITH white meat? You mean a McNugget is some weird laboratory hybrid of white meat and… and what?

So I think that the website dead end I hit was on purpose. Why make it easy for people to get back to read more about what’s in this “food,” and how many calories and other not-good things are in there.

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