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This image has been floating around this week: I think that anything anybody can do to reach out to people who are hurting and unfortunately considering suicide can only be a good thing. It looks like Facebook carefully wrote a message that isn’t too emotional but lets someone know that friends are worried and there […]

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Take what I call the “thumb test.” Cover a website’s logo with your thumb. OK, what site is it? Is there anything else on the page that creates a mood? Defines the company image? Makes the site stand out from other sites and competitors? Probably not. Unfortunately, that’s what most “website designers” do. It’s a […]

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I was just Googling how the heck my bank card could be “compromised” and what that even means. Google ranked a page highly that came from a bank I’d never heard of. Seems to be local to Oklahoma. Having worked at Wells Fargo, done consulting for TIAA-CREF and ING Barings, and just starting a contract […]

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New Website Design

24 September 2011

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Remember a month or two ago, I promised this site would get a new design? Well, it’s finally up. Still a few tweaks, but it’s going well. I know some of my readers may be new to UX/UI, so I’ll explain that the site is designed to look like an annotated wireframe. A wireframe is […]

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