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According to this article from 1 November 2013, eBay is testing some layout changes to their “View Item” page. You know this as the page that showcases an individual eBay item for sale. Here is a screen shot the article presents as the “new” testing version: The article author seems most concerned that the information […]

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Just for kicks, I typed into eBay the phone I currently have (as of when I’m writing this). The Samsung Galaxy S3. Look at what I get back. Click to enlarge. Over 36,000 search results. No way I’m paging through THAT. But look at the left column. Around 4,000 are phones. Around 30,000 are accessories. […]

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What the hell is going on with logos? For years, I’ve felt like people are afraid of doing anything creative or symbolic. So many logos now are wordmarks or text treatments without any symbols or art. Once upon a time, we had some real logos! Nike’s swoosh. UPS’s shield. Fed Ex and their negative space […]

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