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I’m not vegetarian, but I am allergic to fish sauce. This may affect the dining experiences of vegans and vegetarians. My adventure took place in a highly-rated Thai restaurant in San Francisco this year. There was a menu item that sounded great. It had an asterisk that meant “can be made vegetarian.” My immediate thought […]

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You’ve been told by someone that you should eat lots of whole grains. Everybody got on the whole grains bus and now a bunch of crappy foods are made with whole grains. You now think you must be doing something nutritionally good. Unwhole grains are unholy. Unwhole grains are another way of saying processed grains… […]

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Who cares? I wish more restaurants did. Because I and other people care. I’m one of many people with serious food allergies. My main food allergy is fish. I can have shellfish. I can’t have fish fish. To the extent where when I get sushi (usually with shrimp), if the sushi chef cuts something before […]

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I was recently in PHX around Xmas 2012, and while having a snack near the restaurants and shops in Terminal 4, I noticed this sign. Click to enlarge: I didn’t try it as I was already eating, boarding soon, and unlikely to be hungry again. But it seemed like an interesting idea and way to […]

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The Best Meal I Ate In 2012

28 November 2012

Categories: Human Behavior

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2012’s not quite over, but I’m ready to crown my best meal of the year. First, Honourable Mention to my second best meal of the year, which was at the brand new Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Florida. But since that place had some interesting new tech […]

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UX Labyrinth:

13 December 2011

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: food, restaurants is a great place to get discounted gift certificates to restaurants you like or want to try. I generally like to use it when I can find the right place to eat. However, FINDING that place is PAINFUL. First, I noticed that they are NOT using the Yelp API to bring in reviews. I […]

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