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Recently, my boyfriend became the next of zillions of people who freak out when they accidentally delete a draft in Gmail, and realise that it’s gone forever. It’s not in the Trash. Google didn’t ask first if you wanted to delete it forever. It’s just gone. I Googled that problem, and found there was a […]

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I was one of the first users on Google+. I was around when it seemed to only be Robert Scoble, and people saying it was nearly 100% men. I did my best to get into it, but never fully did. I felt like it was just people talking about Google+. Well, that got boring quickly, […]

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Lately, I noticed a lot of ads for a company called Channel Advisor popping up on nearly every website I visit. In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I know who Channel Advisor is. I became aware of them in 2001. I’m not a fan. Many of my eBay consulting clients are […]

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Why Google+ Lost Its Shine

19 September 2011

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When Google+ rolled out, I wanted to be one of the first ones on there. And I think I was. I felt like the lone woman when everybody wanted to talk about how male-dominated it was. Immediately, Google+ seemed to resolve things I disliked about Facebook and Twitter (and I had mostly abandoned Twitter at […]

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