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Happy Anniversary, Walt Disney World. You were very influential during my childhood and influence me even today. I consider you my third home. I’m here now for one of your Disney Institute courses. But I’m having an experience that makes me want to get someone’s attention and see if I can create change. First, Some […]

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I’m going on an adventure in August. I have known this for some time, so I booked my hotel from Thursday night into Sunday. I figured I’d leave Sunday. Got a good rate. $135/night is good for this area, this time of year, for a weekend. Booked but not pre-paid. DoubleTree. Those are usually nice. […]

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More Bad Hotel Search UX

21 September 2011

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: hotel, travel

I travel a lot. I do a lot of travel searching. I mostly do this on Kayak and the Hilton website, as I tend to be fairly loyal to their brand in areas where the price and location work. The following screen shot is a search on the Hilton site once you have logged in […]

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