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Enjoy The Go?

25 November 2010

Toilet paper. Most of us use it. We don’t think too much about it. Some of us are brand loyal, some buy whatever’s on sale. I like Target’s own brand, if you must know. Charmin has been running ads with cartoon bears. Typically, the parent bears are looking at baby bear’s butt to see if […]

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Right now, I check 4 email boxes. Three are for business, one is personal, all are at domains that I own and control. I have heaps of forwarding addresses that dump in those 4 boxes. My Android phone runs K9 (email app), and polls every minute I’m awake (literally) for all four boxes. I’m on […]

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The dating website, OKCupid, decided to grab over a half a million profiles from its database, and start crunching numbers. It looked at a variety of things, and broke it down by gender, race, religion, and other “self-stated” profile elements. There are some pretty wild things in there, like the grade level of people’s writing […]

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