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Flying and Entitlement

26 January 2012

Categories: Human Behavior

Tags: flying, travel

I used to have a friend who was a flight attendant on Continental for 9 years. She said that the worst part was people’s sense of entitlement. They seemed to think that the airline employees were their slaves, and had to say yes to anything they wanted. When I think about some of the worst […]

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More Bad Hotel Search UX

21 September 2011

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: hotel, travel

I travel a lot. I do a lot of travel searching. I mostly do this on Kayak and the Hilton website, as I tend to be fairly loyal to their brand in areas where the price and location work. The following screen shot is a search on the Hilton site once you have logged in […]

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Categories: UX/UI

Tags: date, date format, travel

Date formatting is a pet peeve for me on websites. It’s amazing how many websites decided that they needed the date in a certain format… as if this is an Access database from the 1990s, and it’ll choke if it doesn’t see things exactly as it expects. In the above screen shot (click to enlarge), […]

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Categories: Business

Tags: human behavior, travel

Name a scenario in which you are penanlised for changing your mind. I can only think of two. Flights (other than on Southwest) and pre-paid hotels, which typically have a no refund/no change policy. Maybe a restocking fee on an item you have to return. Anything else? You’re not penalised when you change a regular […]

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