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Improve Your Surveys

11 April 2011

I was recently asked if I’d like to take a survey about what content might interest me. OK, sure. I assume this takes very little time, so let’s do it! Here is a screen shot of just one of the many questions. Click to enlarge. Thing one, ouch ouch ouch. Thing two, holy cats, that’s […]

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Grey Is Invisible

06 April 2011

I’m convinced that if you want something to be NOT noticed, not easily read, and not easily found on your web page, your best bet is to make it grey. Let’s start with hard to comfortably read with this screen shot from a website’s navigation: Grey on black. Not comfy for reading. Grey seems to […]

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Tags: error messages, usability

I was trying to buy tickets online from a website where I was not sure if I had purchased before. So I acted like I was a new account. Upon checkout, I got this message: Well, which is it? Your system MUST know. Your system has to know if there is an account with this […]

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