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Earlier this year, I did a UX Optimization Report for an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, this was one where I suggested that he keep pretty much nothing from his current site, blast it off the planet, and start over. He didn’t take the news as well as I’d hoped… considering he did ask me for the report […]

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New Website Design

24 September 2011

Categories: Web Design

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Remember a month or two ago, I promised this site would get a new design? Well, it’s finally up. Still a few tweaks, but it’s going well. I know some of my readers may be new to UX/UI, so I’ll explain that the site is designed to look like an annotated wireframe. A wireframe is […]

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Categories: UX/UI

Tags: cancel, social media, ux, website

Wasn’t it just last week I was saying nice things about the website design of Well, I just cancelled their service. What I didn’t know until I checked my Twitter stream was that it was grabbing info about my account, and publicly tweeting it out. I’m going to declare that very not cool. OK, […]

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Vonage Website Navigation

15 December 2010

Click to enlarge the above, which is the navigation on the Vonage website once you have logged into an account. I love Vonage. I’ve been with them since 2004. But I can’t stand their website. It’s time for a serious re-think! Let’s start with what can be removed from here. Orders lead to a long […]

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