The Bad UX Of The Free UX Whitepaper

Posted By Debbie on August 7, 2013

Download this free whitepaper. It’s never really free, is it. They always want your name and email so they can add you to a mailing list. Sometimes they’re honest about adding you to a mailing list, and sometimes it’s a surprise you get later.

That also seems to assume that wanting to read your whitepaper goes with interest in you or your company. Those may not go together. Sometimes I’m just doing research and your whitepaper looks relevant. I don’t want to be added to a mailing list.

If the whitepaper or report is truly free, let me have it.

I went to read a whitepaper on UX by what seemed to be an expert. But this was the page I was shown. I’ve blurred out names, companies, and other info since I’m not looking to specifically call this person out. But holy cats, this is a UX whitepaper, you are a UX expert, and you’ve decided that people will fill out your form to get the whitepaper.

I filled out the form. Click to enlarge.