The Best Meal I Ate In 2012

Posted By Debbie on November 28, 2012

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2012’s not quite over, but I’m ready to crown my best meal of the year. First, Honourable Mention to my second best meal of the year, which was at the brand new Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Florida. But since that place had some interesting new tech and is Disney trying out a new style of food service, I’ll make that a separate post.

The best meal of my whole year was the breakfast buffet at Trail’s End, which is the restaurant at the “settlement” of the Fort Wilderness Campground. FWC is a Disney “hotel” on the WDW grounds in Florida, but it’s not your typical hotel. It’s got cabins, RV spaces, and room for you to set up tents. It’s camping and RVing on Disney property, so it has a “settlement” with a playground, marina, food, and a show called the Hoop-De-Do Review. Didn’t see the show. Did take a marina boat to the Magic Kingdom.

Why was the food the best meal of the year.

First of all, it’s a buffet. Those can be horrible. This was a good one. It’s a small one. They’re not trying to do 100 dishes. They’re trying to do maybe 20 things, but really well. Some fruit, some muffins, some cereal, build a yogurt parfait, OK the usuals were there.

The hostess told me to make sure I try their home-made juice blend, which themed-ly enough came in a mason jar. Everything was in mason jars. Disney goes way out to theme stuff, and this place was no exception. Food served on giant metal, worn-looking plates. The orange-guava-passionfruit juice was called Moonshine (cute), but was damned tasty. The hash browns looked hand-made. Everything was in skillets at the buffet, a cute touch.

But the coolest dish of all? Pulled pork eggs benedict on a biscuit. Great theming. Delicious taste. Only downside was that the egg was not poached. I’m guessing they do the egg more fully cooked to avoid any problems for people who shouldn’t eat half-cooked eggs. But it was still genius. The food was great. It’s a hidden gem for sure!

Plate #2… banana, pulled pork Benedict, hash browns, bacon (which was available in many levels of crispiness). Water, decaf, and Moonshine Juice. Note salt and pepper in baby mason jars. Click to enlarge if you like giant food pics: