The Best Twitter Conversation You’re Not Following

Posted By Debbie on February 4, 2013

If you’re around Silicon Valley, you may or may not know a guy named Jeffrey McManus. He used to work at eBay and then Yahoo. I think of him as the deity of APIs and platforms, and I’m beyond lucky to count him as a friend. And beyond lucky to have him as an adviser to my startup.

If you’re older than X (cough cough), you know a game show host named Chuck Woolery. You’ll mostly know him as the Love Connection dating game host who told you before each commercial break that he’d be back in “two and two.”

Chuck Woolery is very conservative. Very. Jeffrey McManus? Oh I’m gonna say NOT conservative in his politics. And for months, they’ve been battling it out on Twitter just about daily. Yes, with Chuck Woolery responding to Jeffrey personally.

Warning, depending upon your politics or how you feel about chuck Woolery, this may be hard to watch. Discretion advised.

A site called CoTweets will show you pretty much their whole conversation history. Get some popcorn.

Here’s a sample. The date and time seem to be some other time zone somewhere else. Enjoy, and prepare for time to just melt away…………

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