The Power Of Your LinkedIn Network

Posted By Debbie on January 19, 2012

What is the power of your LinkedIn network? Did you get a job because of LinkedIn? A recruiter found you? You were headhunted? Someone from your network sent your LinkedIn URL to a hiring manager? Well, these are pretty tangible. Nearly measurable.

What is the power of your LinkedIn network if the above hasn’t happened? Maybe it has brought you some good introductions to people who lead to good business relationships. Maybe you got a bit more respect in an interview because of who you were connected to. Well, that’s good too! Value!

What is the power of a LinkedIn network if it can’t do any of the above? You’re unemployed, and your network has no work for you. Your network knows nobody who has no work for you, or won’t go to bat for you and make those introductions. Recruiters can’t find you, pass you by, or you don’t get a second interview.

What is the power of a LinkedIn network when you claim to be a biz dev guy who is going to mine that network? If mining your network produces no meetings, no partnerships, no customers, no vendors, no partners, no investors, and let’s just say nothing, what is the value of your network?

The better question might be: what is your value? LinkedIn is a tool. The network are the people you connect to. If your network isn’t helping things happen for you, either you’re connecting with meaningless or powerless people, apathetic people, or you’re the weak link here.

What triggered this? I saw a bizarre LinkedIn profile by a clearly unemployed person. His profile clearly stated that he doesn’t turn down any request for connection, so you should please get in touch with him. That seemed desperate and lacking standards. But the weirder part was that his profile invited recruiters, hiring managers, and other people to connect with him so they can tap into his fantastic network.

Um, no (double) invitation needed. LinkedIn is about tapping into each other’s networks anyway. And the more you, unemployed person, try to tell me how connected you are and what an “industry leader” you are (see tomorrow’s blog post), the more I think this is not quite reality.