Wants To Take Credit For a Job You Got Without Them

Posted By Debbie on November 6, 2012

I guess I searched once upon a time. Based on the email address I gave them, it looks like I did this maybe 3 years ago. I remember finding nothing that interested me, and pretty much forgot about them. They forgot about me too.

Until last week. I got an email from the CEO about a Hurricane Sandy outage. Huh? Haven’t gotten in email in like 3 years and then now to talk about an outage? Interesting marketing!

I logged back into the site to find out where to close my account and make sure they’re not going to send me any more emails. Luckily, it was easy to find. The form they wanted me to fill out had something really interesting in it. Click to enlarge:

At what seemed like the end of the form, it asked if I ended up finding a new job. There are three choices. Yes, from TheLadders. Yes, from somewhere else. Or no, I didn’t get a new job. As the screen shot shows, I chose the honest one. I got a job from other sources than TheLadders.

Once I clicked that, this whole bottom piece appeared. Congratulations! Well, thanks! There’s no reason… inspire others… we won’t use your name… And it’s asking for details on my new job, which I didn’t fill out.

I read this a few times. And if I’m reading it correctly, TheLadders will market that another TheLadders member got a $100K+ job. Well, that makes them look pretty good, doesn’t it. It’s a testimonial of sorts. But there’s one little hitch in this plan.

TheLadders didn’t get me my new job. TheLadders never got me any job. No leads, no interviews, no jobs. Nothing. But they want to ride on the coattails of the job I DID get to make it look like they get people good jobs.

How incredibly uncool. And dishonest. Because if I read something that said a TheLadders client got a UX Strategist job at Comrade Agency for $X in salary, I’d get the impression from that sentence that TheLadders were directly responsible for that person getting that job. And that would be false.

How incredibly uncool of TheLadders. But that’s not the only uncool thing they do. If you ever have some time to kill, Google TheLadders and scam. It’s quite the read.