Tone Deaf Marketing on International Women’s Day

Posted By Debbie on March 28, 2018

International Women’s Day was a few weeks ago. And if my LinkedIn feed is anything to go by, there was a lot of tone deaf marketing.

There were so many pictures of women smiling but looking fierce. Flexing for the camera. Men posting tributes to all the women who helped with their lives or careers.

Those are lovely! Here’s something less lovely.

I have rejected all the pink and flowery things since I was born. And it’s lazy design to say ah, women, put a flower. What do you use for men? Trucks? Hammers? Grain silos? We can do better.

What should be on sale for International Women’s Day?

Google “International Women’s Day sale” and you will find discounts on makeup. Handbags. Diamond jewelry and watches!

Images of women with colorful shopping bags showing each other high heel shoes.


I’m sure if I dig I’ll find people who had ads, sales, offers, or celebrations that were respectful and inclusive. But if you insist on boiling women or women’s day down to pink, flowers, handbags, and pumps, I’m thinking you missed the point.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Rethink your ads and sales next year. You have a whole year to figure this one out. Maybe hire some women and ask them.