Trello Shoots For Color Blind Friendly Labels

Posted By Debbie on June 26, 2014

Trello. I have to admit I don’t totally know what it does, but work invited the team to a “board” there. OK. I’m in.

When you post something, you can label it. The labels are rainbow colours. I noticed there was an option for “colour blind friendly” labels. The difference? The label bar, in addition to the assigned colour, also gets a bit of a pattern. The idea must be that colour blind people won’t make too much sense of the rainbow of colours, so maybe they can make sense of lots of patterns.

Here is an example Trello gives for what these colour blind friendly labels might look like:


Well, that’s how they look to the 90% of us who don’t have any color blindness. Here’s how roughly 10% of people will see these:


OK, less visual POW without the rainbow. Not sure they went far enough with patterns. But would endless, different patterns be too tough on the eyes?

And when the label is represented as a thin line near a board post, will that have the pattern? And will that make sense? Or are these hieroglyphics people won’t really remember or make sense of?

Now I’m worried about contrast. White text on pea soup green-grey background?