Twitter, Netflix, and MySpace Want Us Back

Posted By Debbie on February 3, 2011

MySpace is evidently emailing people to tell them that MySpace is the “best” social entertainment site out there, and they should come back. Cough cough…

I woke up yesterday to an email from Twitter. Evidently, they must have noticed that an account where I was very active in 2008 and 2009 has mostly been a blog feed since early 2010. They want me back. The email offers me four “suggestions”:

  1. “Follow your interests” (friends, family, local shops)
  2. “Get specific” (teams, players, chefs, restaurants, critics)
  3. “Don’t panic” (people use Twitter in emergencies; follow hashtags)
  4. “Return to Twitter” (Yes, it really says that. Return. They mention that there are over 200 million accounts, so there are plenty of “new voices” every day.)

I am following important stuff on Facebook. I get all of my news and foolery in my FB news feed, and my Tech Time app for the Android phone.

Netflix wants me back. I cancelled about a year ago. I just don’t make time for movies. I’m a busy chick! But Netflix JUST emailed me, offering unlimited, instant streaming for $7.99/month. Still not interested. Still don’t make time for movies. But thanks.

Not sure what February 1st did to everybody’s marketing departments, but it looks like everybody wants us back. The question is: where did we go? I left Twitter for Facebook. I was never on MySpace. And in place of Netflix, I have nothing. I’m just not watching media other than bits of YouTube here and there.

Where did you go, and are you going back?