User Experience Design: Does Anyone on Elance Know What That Is?

Posted By Debbie on August 8, 2012

If you read this blog, you probably don’t need me to tell you what User Experience Design is. But you know who does? Everybody who posts to that category on Here are a few examples of jobs posted this week listed specifically under the User Experience Design category.

I have to imagine there are better categories for these:

Magento Developers
Looking for experienced Magento Developers. Must have good knowledge of Magento’s capabilities and integration of modern functionality; eg. scrolling content, archiving and smooth integration of content layers, Must be able to find innovative ways of building concepts and designs into Magento.

NetSuite Customization and Reporting
[Name removed] is currently looking for a NetSuite consultant experienced in building scripts, reporting, and importing templates to assist us in streamlining and improving our current business processes. Duties will include:
• Reviewing business processes and developing scripts to enhance the business
• Reporting and development of metrics tracking

Software Modification (budget: $50)
Modify a Cabinet “EXE” file and insert new Bitmap images, so that my new logo can be used with my custom designed programme,return a working file

Menu Creation
Menu should look like Apple Menu.
Following things are not needed. No Apple Icon rather than it should be Home. Look and file and Java script functionality should remain the same. it should have 6 Items in the menu equally spaced. It should work on all browsers i.e., IE (all versions), Opera, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Netscape. Move Over, Selection, and Inactive actions should work clearly on all browsers with out any glitches. it should work clearly on Android Phone with out any glitches as when hosted as mobile service too.

Desired Skills: CSS, DHTML, JSP, JavaScript

1-2 pages of JAVA (budget: under $500)
I currently have a designer creating my website. What I need is an expert in JAVA that can create a “pantone” set of colors with a drag and click feature that will allow me to receive the information of color options chosen, either from their shoping cart or in another form that will allow me to complete the customer’s order. This job woulb be for one or two pages as an enhancement to my current site. There is a possibility that I would need stationary and could result in some future work. As well as possible SEO.

Desired Skills: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ecommerce

WPF Planer
Planer as a control to insert in any application. I should have the basic functionalities like:
-on click popup…paint the back
-on multirow select(in one column) popup…paint the back
I will provide a basic image of the control

And don’t forget the people looking for one human possessing a zillion different skill sets (and wanting to pay about $7/hr for that person):

Enhance existing landing pages
Required Skill set: Website Design, Page Layout, Advertising Saavy, XHTML, CSS, Javascript. We require a skilled graphic designer comfortable in XHTML, CSS, Javascript, to enhance the aesthetics of our current website, specifically the landing pages.