Improving DevOps Results by Integrating UX Practitioners and Processes

Now Part of Our DevOps ICU Program

This 2-day workshop is now part of our DevOps ICU program, which has its own website.

Non-UX roles misunderstand, circumvent, exclude, and disrespect UX. Agile and Lean training and materials make it sound like anybody can do UX work. Companies hire the wrong people to do UX, sending continued signals that UX is mostly wireframes, this isn’t a specialty, and anybody can make wireframes.

Program objectives include:

  • DevOps goals overlap with UX goals.
  • Correct integration of UX experts and tasks saves time and money, increases productivity and efficiency, creates the best idea execution for the target customers, and keeps engineering’s changes and rebuilds to a minimum.
  • Learn how UX specialists conduct user research; design your entire product, app, website, or system; validate it through user testing; iterate to fix flaws; and deliver vetted blueprints so you can build once.
  • How User-Centered Design fits into project timelines and development methodologies including Agile and Lean.
  • Define an actionable plan to evolve and improve processes.