UX/UI Fail: SiriusXM Web Player

Posted By Debbie on November 28, 2011

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: music, siriusxm

With all the work I do from home, I decided to re-subscribe to the SiriusXM web-based player. You can grab any channel from the web player, even channels not available on the radio I have in my car. OK, that sounds cool. Hundreds and hundreds of channels.

I don’t have a screen shot of the old UI, but it was very vertical. As you scrolled down through channels, it showed you what was on those channels. You could mark some as favourites, or just click to tune in. I used to be able to flip back to that window, eyeball what was on my fave channels, and tune into what I felt like hearing.

The new UI is painful. Every channel is represented by a small vertical bar about 1cm high and maybe 2mm wide. You have to slide your mouse on there, and stop on the channel that might interest you. You can’t see channel names, numbers, or what’s playing until you run your mouse over it. No idea what’s on my fave channels, though they are marked pink so I can find them in an endless sea of lines. Click to enlarge:

The black box around my cursor doesn’t show up in reality. That’s some weird screen shot artifact. But you can see how big the lines are compared to my cursor. They only grow and pop out once the mouse is on them.

Ow. Not easy to use. Doesn’t help me see what’s on my fave channels. If I want to tune into another channel, I have to go find the tiny bar and click it. I often accidentally click on the bar next to it since they’re so small. Enough said. Super ugh.