Valid Passport vs. Clean Passport

Posted By Debbie on March 6, 2013

Categories: Human Behavior

Tags: passport, travel

I was recently shown a potential job that included some international travel for meetings. The job description said I need to have a valid passport.

A valid passport is one that hasn’t expired yet.

Workplaces SHOULD be asking for a Clean Passport. Take it from my days in the music biz. Yes, I have a Clean Passport (and it’s still valid… expires in 2016).

A Clean Passport

A clean passport means you will be let into and out of any country because you have no arrest or criminal record that would keep you from entering or leaving a country.

One of my adventures in the music biz had to do with a bus tour we were managing. The bus driver swore he had a clean passport. A few days before we were going to enter Canada, he admitted he was once arrested for possession of a small amount of drugs. This means Canada won’t let him in. I found a website that summed this up nicely with respect to trying to enter Canada:

If you have a trial under way, or there is a warrant for your arrest, or you have charges pending against you, you are considered criminally inadmissible. If you have been convicted of minor offenses (including assault, dangerous driving, DUI, theft, shoplifting, unauthorized possession of firearms, possession of illegal substances, etc.) or indictable criminal offenses (including assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, etc.) you are prohibited from entering.

Canada is just my example. Each country has its own requirements. But if you want to play it safe, you want your employee or contractor to be “Clean.”

Ask for what you really need and want: a Clean Passport

So, recruiters and companies that are hiring, make sure you ask for what you really need. You don’t just need someone with a valid passport. You need someone who will be able to enter and leave the countries to which you might send this person.