We Create Custom Axure Widget Libraries And Style Sets

Posted By Debbie on May 27, 2015

A question we get a lot is, “How do we create custom Axure widget libraries?” These are often for a company, a team, or a product.

If you’re more familiar with Omnigraffle than Axure, widget libraries are like stencils except they can be completely interactive. You can build custom droplists that drop, get selected, and slide back up. You can build accordions that expand and contract. You can build buttons with hover states.

Axure’s custom widget styles allow you to style text, buttons, shapes, backgrounds, and lines. In addition to their “default” versions, you can build mouseOver, mouseDown, selected, and disabled styles for each widget.

Widget libraries are self-contained files that can be shared and brought into any copy of Axure, Mac or Windows.

Custom Widget Libraries Save Time and Money

This makes a custom widget library a fantastic tool, especially where multiple workers are in the same file, on the same project, or would benefit from pre-made building blocks.

Instead of hoping that staff build things the same way as each other, grabbing elements from a library will allow for easier standardization.

What About Free and Paid Axure Widget Libraries?

There are free and paid widget libraries out there. Some aren’t so bad. But we’ve been surprised at the poor quality of some of the paid ones. Widget styles weren’t used correctly or at all, leaving you with extra manual work later. That’s money not well spent.

Curious about a custom Axure library and styles for your client, project, or company? Get together a list of your components and contact us for a free proposal.