We Recommend Acuity for Online Scheduling

Posted By Debbie on April 17, 2018

Categories: Business, Software

We love Acuity Scheduling for booking free and paid appointments online. No back and forth! No are you free, no I’m not free that day, what about this day, OK what time, no I can’t to that, etc…

You can use our affiliate link or if you don’t believe in those, just go to their super neato short URL as.me.

Check our embedded version out at https://pty.pe//cal

Yes it does that.

2-way Google Calendar sync. I know, I already won you over. It will know from “busy” appointments in your Google cal when you’re not free. And when people book you, boom it’s in your Google cal within minutes.

Easy rescheduling. Yep, no back and forth for rescheduling either. Customers can click on a link that’ll let them choose a new date and/or time.

Time zones. Acuity will sniff the time zone from your computer and show your calendar in your visitor’s time zone. There’s a droplist if they want to pick a different time zone.

Multiple calendars (at certain paid levels). Do you have one company but want to let customers book time with different people at your company? Then the multiple calendars feature will be great for you. Yes, each Acuity calendar can two-way sync with a different Google Calendar. Acuity may have built itself for a day spa but it works really well for consultancies!

Availability by appointment type. I have to operate on multiple time zones. I get a lot of east and west coast North America clients. Some like to talk to me before hours. I currently have myself available from 4am west coast/7am east coast through 3pm west coast/6pm east coast.

If you are booking a 4 or 8 hour block of Axure, I’m happy to work a little later to accommodate you. Rather than having the old email back and forth, I can tell Acuity to allow just those appointments (special appointment types) to book me from 4am west coast to 5pm west coast. If a company wants 8 hours of training at 9am east coast, great. 9am west coast, great.

What if you have “VIP” clients who pay to have access to you at extended hours? You can create a “private” appointment type that they get a direct link to. You could then set this appointment to extend your availability.

Bonus: “Limits” to availability!

Override your typical availability. Let’s say a client contacts you and says she HAS to have 2 hours of your time on Saturday. You OK it, especially if she’s paying. Even if you told Acuity you don’t work on Saturdays, you can go in as the admin and create an appointment for her.

Paid or free. I can set it up so that if you want a phone consultation with me, that’s free. If you want Axure training for a half hour, hour, or more, it’s paid. Acuity integrates with payment gateways (I have Stripe) so you can’t book the time without paying for it. You can also set it up so that time is non-free but no payment is required upon booking… if you’re OK taking payment later.

Packages. Want to sell a series of something that gets scheduled? Consulting sessions, training times, massages. For example, I can offer you a series of six 1-hour Axure training sessions. You pay for the package. Acuity then lets you schedule them when you want. You can also sell gift certificates.

Your customers don’t have to buy packages. When they are booking a time, they can book multiple appointments at once or just check out with the one.

Custom intake forms and emails. You can design “intake forms” people can fill out when booking certain types of appointments. That way, you can ask questions relevant to that appointment. Or ask nothing. I also use this for people who book training to say they accept training terms. You can also create custom emails (with merge codes) for the initial confirmation, reminders, cancellation, rescheduling, follow up (post appointment), and package order.

Groups and classes. I actually use another system for ticketing my workshops but you could book classes, boot camps, webinars, etc… Basically any appointment that will allow more than 1 person to sign up before it’s considered booked.

Reporting and Client List. Like reports and lists? They have those too. Here’s my Feb 2018 report. I didn’t have too much activity but I appreciate all bookings!

Get funky with integrations and webhooks!

I love integrations and webhooks. Acuity integrates with Zapier. Here’s something I built. It’s a little complicated but works very well (unless I change or move an appointment, but hey, it’s saving me SOME time).

I have separate biz and personal Google calendars. Acuity syncs with my biz calendar. But what if I book something in the personal world and want to be blocked out on Acuity?

One way would be to invite your biz email to personal appointments. That may or may not work for you, especially since it’ll show up twice and if your biz cal is shared with others, they might see what you’re doing in your personal world.

I set up a Zapier zap to check my personal Google cal for events with #block in the title. Where Google sees that, go into Acuity and block out that time. That works for new events but I’ve found if I move or cancel an appointment, it doesn’t seem to pick it up again.

Still saving me time! I’ve been with Acuity for years and recommend them highly. Their customer service is absolutely top notch and friendly.