We Recommend Teachable for Online Course Sales

Posted By Debbie on March 26, 2018

A few months ago the mastermind group I’m in was discussing where we all sell our online courses. Mine were mostly on Udemy. People grumbled about Udemy and said there’s a better way. OK, I’m in this group to learn these things!

Many recommended Teachable

Teachable [my affiliate link or if you don’t like those, just go to Teachable.com] is a system where you create an online “school.” You can then post as many courses as you like, free or paid.

Your courses can include all kinds of media… files, videos, text, everything you would expect. You can also create quizzes.

They even have a drip system. Let’s say your workshop includes one lesson per week but you don’t want people to get the whole course at once. You can set the sections and lessons to open up on a schedule and email people so they know to return for new content.

What does it cost?

I never know when a company will change their prices. In early 2018, I paid $999 for one year of their system. They take 0% of course purchases. I only lose money to Stripe for processing credit card charges.

My fave features

Bulk create coupons. When I teach people live, I promise them a free copy of the video course so that they have that as a “takeaway.” Teachable will generate an Excel file of as many coupon codes as I want with whatever discount I want. I can then mail those out. You do NOT have to manually go in and create the codes.

Payment plans. I don’t like to be the Bank of Ptype. But Teachable makes it easy to allow someone to break a workshop into payments. For example, our Advanced Axure workshop is $195 or three payments of $65. Teachable will then have Stripe charge them monthly automatically.

Easy upsell. When you are on the “thank you” page after buying my Axure Core Skills workshop, I offer you $15 off the Advanced workshop if you buy it right now (and pay in full, not the payment plan). I’m finding about half the people do.

Price it what it’s worth. As of writing this, Udemy can’t accept a course that would cost more than $200. To post things there, I would have to break a larger/more expensive course into multiple courses and hope people buy all of the parts. Teachable has no limit. If I want to put up a 15 hour course for $999, I can (and offer a payment plan or not).

Integrations and webhooks. I like systems that offer flexibility. Webhooks will let you do a mountain of things with other systems you use.

The only disadvantage

In my opinion, the only disadvantage is that you’re stuck doing all of the marketing for your school and workshops. That’s not a terrible thing! But if you’re used to posting to Udemy and having people stumble on you, that’s not going to happen on Teachable.

Teachable has no directory of schools, no directory of classes. It’s all up to you! But hey, you keep 100% of the sale (minus credit card fees). It’s a trade-off.

Check it out yourself!

If you provide any sort of online course, workshop, instruction, etc., then you should be looking at Teachable.

If you want to see what a school looks like, check out our Ptype Academy. I didn’t dig into custom CSS. Just some simple customizations like colors and backgrounds.

I have decided that I’m not putting courses on Udemy anymore. I’m tired of getting 25% of the money and a few weeks later finding my course on illegal download sites.