Website Dead End, On Purpose

Posted By Debbie on August 29, 2011

I found an interesting website dead end, and I think it’s on purpose. Yesterday, a Facebook friend posted that she was going to go have a McFlurry. That sounded pretty gross to me, so I Googled to see if I can find the nutrition info and ingredients in a McFlurry. I found it. Here is a shrunken screen capture of that page (click to enlarge).

What did I think was so interesting about this? The top has no navigation. My next move was to try to get back to a general nutrition page to possibly look up other foods. I don’t eat at McDonald’s. Ever. But I thought if I could find something truly terrible, I could joke with my Facebook friend. But there was no way to get back to any nutrition section from this page. Just the McDonalds home page.

I guess if I were McDonalds, I would NOT want people easily getting to the nutrition section. When I DID finally find that, the page seemed to focus WAY more on “delicious” than “this is possibly good for you.” In fact, the page seems more like a series of apologies about how they’re TRYING to make things slightly healthier.

I remember when McD’s ran commercials saying their burgers were “100% beefy.” BEEFY? Like beef-esque? I also remember when they were proud to say Chicken McNuggets were now made “with white meat.” WITH white meat? You mean a McNugget is some weird laboratory hybrid of white meat and… and what?

So I think that the website dead end I hit was on purpose. Why make it easy for people to get back to read more about what’s in this “food,” and how many calories and other not-good things are in there.