Website Designs Need Personality and Branding

Posted By Debbie on November 3, 2014

Take what I call the “thumb test.”

Cover a website’s logo with your thumb. OK, what site is it? Is there anything else on the page that creates a mood? Defines the company image? Makes the site stand out from other sites and competitors? Probably not. Unfortunately, that’s what most “website designers” do. It’s a layout more than it’s a design. This is why my slogan is, “Design, personality, and usability are the new white space.”

A typical “website designer” asks you for your logo, the colors you like, and a few pictures of what you sell or do. Very often, this “designer” is looking to you for direction and ideas rather than being a creative designer and coming up with something fresh. You’ll often end up with a website just like dozens that you see every day; columns, lots of things going on, especially on the home page, and maybe some Flash (please Lord no!). Or maybe you end up with a slightly-altered WordPress theme, and your website looks like zillions just like it.

Is that really what works best for your target audience, your company image, and the way your customers are surfing?

Raise your standards! You want more than website design. You want us to make sure that the site or app is going to be innovative, creative, and darn obvious to use. And I can help. 🙂