What You Getting It Wrong Costs Me

Posted By Debbie on May 3, 2018

Categories: Business

Tags: cost, failure

Most businesses imagine that if they get something wrong, they’ll just redo it or refund the customer. But that doesn’t take into account what can be the real cost of getting it wrong.

I tried a print shop I’d never used before.

This company came highly recommended. We designed new cards to match the bridge theme we have on the website. Long story short, the cards arrived. Here’s the front of one.

We were beyond disappointed.

They’re unusable. Maybe you think they are Minimum Viable. But I can’t give that out to people and look professional. The printing was dark and looked like the quality our Epson would spit out. The cutting was sloppy, often making the cards unintentional but noticeable trapezoids. The edges were frayed. The paper was thin (I thought I had paid for better paper). The back of the card was just as bad. And we got a total of 3000 of them, all the same.

No, I don’t trust you to redo them. Just give me my money back. And they did.

But now what? Now I have to figure out who is going to print my cards. My old company can do it but I’m out of time. We had a biz event last week and we needed fresh cards with our new Italian phone number (as well as our USA number).

You wasted my time.

The days or weeks that I burned waiting for those ugly cards to arrive lost me the time I needed for my old printing company to have printed and shipped them. We had a biz event last week and the new cards didn’t come in time.

So not only did I have to upgrade shipping with my old company and push that through (for the cards to come in time for our next biz event) BUT I also had to place a small order with expedited shipping with a local company I’ve never used. Playing roulette again.

Lesson learned, sadly.

This reminds me of the time I had to leave another printing company when they “went digital.” Suddenly that meant that everything they printed looked like it came off my inkjet. 🙁 That’s when I found my new old printing company who will remain my main printing company after this!

Businesses should consider what the real cost is to the customer when it’s done wrong or badly. I might have real deadlines that I can’t miss. I might have no options left if you don’t give me something great when I’m expecting it.

And then how will you make that right? I trusted you. I relied on you. Every business should consider what they policy is to make something right when there is a chain reaction or domino effect.