When Messaging Gives You Way Wrong Info

Posted By Debbie on June 24, 2013

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: error messages, messaging

Users rely on what you tell them. It’s all we have to go by.

Last week, I was at Bally’s Las Vegas to speak at a conference (4th year in a row at this event). I thought about buying the hotel WiFi, and started going through the steps.

Last name, yes I know that. Room number, yes I’m in here. ERROR. Got this message.

ScreenHunter_23 Jun. 20 06.40

My name or room number doesn’t match the hotel records you say? Wow that seems unlikely.

I call the front desk to ask why I can’t buy the internet. The operator tells me it’s because when I checked in, I didn’t give them a card for room charges. I thought I’d be putting in my credit card to pay for the internet.

That message COULD have said that but didn’t. It could have said that in-room internet can only be charged to a room, and I should go put my card on file. Instead, it acted like I’m the wrong person in the wrong room.

I went and put a card on my room. I didn’t end up buying internet. Bally’s did end up charging me for the room, which sucked since the conference treats me to the room to thank me for speaking. Now I have to go fix that…….