When You’re The Only One Using Your Hashtag

Posted By Debbie on October 6, 2011

Yesterday, I got a promoted tweet from Pepsi, I guess trying to get me excited about watching The X Factor on TV. Not interested. But what did interest me was that they had a hashtag on their tweet: #PepsiXFactor

I clicked on that to see who else is tweeting with that hashtag. The answer was nobody. Each Pepsi tweet with it got a handful of retweets. But no other twitter account seems to have generated a tweet with that hashtag.

So what DO people use when tweeting about The X Factor? Evidently, they use #xfactor. Hardly surprising. Why wouldn’t Pepsi jump on that? That way, anybody going through X Factor tweets might find Pepsi’s plug. I think they’ve done themselves a disservice by creating a hashtag nobody wants to use.