Why Did I Get That Ridiculous Facebook Ad?

Posted By Debbie on October 30, 2017

Facebook ads. They are really way out there. How does Facebook think I have children? Or I’m plus sized? Or really, how do they think ANYTHING about me? Why do the ads sometimes feel so irrelevant and poorly targeted?

This can be answered by visiting the Ad Preferences page. Here you will see the hundreds if not thousands of things Facebook has decided you’re into. I have no idea how some of these end up here. Some are real doozies!

Apologies to people from Suriname but I don’t even know where that is!

OH BOY. Someone doesn’t know me AT ALL. X those out as fast as possible! And there is no way I clicked on an ad related to pregnancy. NO WAY. On desktop, hover over the box and click the top right X to try to tell Facebook you are NOT interested in this stuff.

These are all way off and look at that drop list… I have hundreds more I have to X out, one by one. No mass way to say get rid of all of these.

You can also click on one of these topics to see what kinds of ads Facebook WOULD serve you.

Here you can see targeted ads in action. I have allowed Facebook to know I like a band/musical project called Ayreon. Here are the ads I MIGHT see because these other musicians are targeting people who like Ayreon:

But it might not be bands. The ads could be for products. The ads could be propaganda aimed at people with certain interests.

You can clean this up.

I still don’t know why Facebook only showed me bra ads for weeks. I’m not into boobs! But for everything else, you can go into Ad Preferences and attempt to clean up what you’re not interested in. Please note that you will need to do this often as Facebook constantly assigns you bizarre interests seemingly randomly.