Worst Customer Service and Worst Online Form

Posted By Debbie on January 4, 2019

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more frustrating “support” experience that I’m having in late 2018 with Legalmail.it. While they may be a company you never use, you can certainly learn some lessons from the mistakes they are making.

Support tickets are no-reply.

Dear Legalmail. I paid you and you still have my accounts locked for non-payment. Can you please open my accounts back up? Their response: no, you didn’t pay, prove it. But I can’t respond. Their ticket systems allows for my email to them and theirs to me. That’s it. If I would like to reply to that, I have to open up another ticket.

It’s a large universe and on zero planets would that be an acceptable user experience or customer experience. That’s made infinitely worse by:

Their support form is long and nearly every field is mandatory.

Click to enlarge the form I have fill out every time I have a question. Non-mandatory fields are marked with the short and helpful “non obbligatorio.”

There are a lot of fields here they do not need if I’m having a problem with the email account they sold me. They don’t need the province I live in. They’ve never called me so they don’t really need my phone number (but that’s mandatory). Do you really need the name on the account and my name?

They don’t seem to know I paid them.

It’s no fun when you pay a company but they don’t turn your service on. It’s less fun when they ask you to prove you paid so you email them the receipt they sent you thanking you for paying. And it’s infuriating when you email that and they don’t reply for weeks.

Perhaps the strategy there is collect money, don’t supply service, give people the worst dark pattern to try to get help, and then ignore them when they prove their case.

Did I mention that I didn’t renew because I got no email telling me to renew?

I would have renewed on time if I knew it were expiring. That’s supposed to go to my non-Legalmail email address but I got nothing. So I had no idea it had expired. Also fun!

I’ve already paid their competitor.

Whether Legalmail refunds me, I have to fight it with my credit cards, or I never get the money back, I’ve already taken my business elsewhere and will tell everybody else to take theirs elsewhere. I’m getting my PEC from Aruba now and recommend them to others. For those a bit confused, PEC is a system in Italy by which you are emailed legal docs and messages via “certified electronic mail.” Lawyer, accountants, and other professionals have to use it for certain types of correspondence and docs.

Don’t do this to your customers. Even if you think these are great ways to keep your customers, you won’t. And I can’t have no PEC while Legalmail ignores my latest support ticket. I’ve moved on and your customers might too.